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About United Fueling

Our mission is to provide our customers with fuel cards that allow them to control and monitor all fuel purchases and to be responsive to their changing needs.

Motor fuel is used in almost every industry and each has their own set of needs. Long haul trucking companies have different needs than a plumbing contractor with a fleet of equipment trucks.

We understand these differences and will work hard to tailor a fuel program for your company that is convenient for your drivers and efficient for your office personnel without the extra fees that other fleet cards charge.

CFN Technology leads the industry

  • Drivers no longer have to carry cash or credit cards to fill up company vehicles.
  • No Fees. No setup fees, no transaction fees, no monthly fees, no statement fees.
  • Receive real time e-mail notification when drivers swipe their cards.
  • Use card controls to make sure drivers are not stealing fuel for their personal vehicle.
  • Card controls can regulate purchases by day of week, time of day, fuel type, volume, purchase frequency…and more.
  • Controls for each card can be set up differently so they are each tailored to fit the driver’s specific job duties.
  • Issue cards by vehicle or driver.
  • Lock out cards instantly.
  • Fueling sites are open 24 hours/day 365 days/year.
  • Detailed transaction reports for accurate tax reporting.
  • Instant access to transactions and card controls via the internet.
  • Receive an E-mail or page whenever cards are used.

Commercial Fueling for Your Fleet

Why United Fueling?

  • Save Money!
  • NO Misc. Fees!
  • 50,000+ locations
  • Includes ALL Major Truck Stops
  • Includes ALL Chevron & Texaco Locations
  • GET Real Time Information
  • Flexible Control
  • Total Fuel Management!